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Listening to the Voice of America

For over three weeks now I have listened to Americans of all persuasions; political, ethnic and racial. I have spoken with extreme conservatives and college liberals, hispanics with and without english skills, working people, retired wealth, bikers and motorhome drivers pulling jeeps.

All of these voices, separate but equal, merge into a united voice.  This voice speaks clearly of the people's character and desires.  Like all inner voices there are grumbles and moments of conflict.  Yet, this is a kind and unselfish voice, willing to help a stranger and wanting the best for everyone.

I have asked people how they feel about our government and what they would like our government to do.  The united Voice of America is issuing a strong call to our leaders.  Throw out the 10 second talking points and hot button wedge issues.  Treat these as the introspective mutterings of a being dealing with annoying interpersonal issues.  When asked a direct question or faced with a real problem the collective voice speaks clearly.

Maslow's hierarchy shows that learning, in this case progress, cannot take place until basic needs are met.  Personal security (shelter and food), not from terrorists, must be achieved before time can be devoted to "higher" activities.

THE VOICE OF AMERICA IS SHOUTING.  It is shouting for basic needs.  The list is simple: Lower prices and/or better jobs.  Bring Jobs home from overseas.  Lower medical costs and care for everyone.  More money for education. THE VOICE OF AMERICA IS BEGGING FOR HELP AND CARE!

The voice of America is not speaking of "higher" issues.  I have only heard passing mention of the issues in Iraq, our constitution or the erossion of our rights.  The American People want basic help.  The American People want to be proud again.




On Saturday, December 15th, a 59 year old man will begin a bicycle journey across the country to bring packets of courage to the Congress of the United States of America. 

Tom Unsicker, resident of Santa Cruz, CA., will leave the County Government Center at 9:00 a.m. on the morning of December 15th.  He will be towing a trailer behind his bicycle containing 288 bags of courage, one for each Democratic and Independent Legislator in Congress.  As a symbol of courage each bag contains two ping pong balls.  He hopes to arrive in Washington DC soon after Congress convenes on January 15th and deliver the “courage” to Congress on the steps of the Capitol Building. 

Unsicker is making the trip after hearing countless people around the country complain about the lack of fortitude shown by this Congress. They want Congress to protect and restore our Constitutional rights, reestablish a rule of law, and bring the government back into the hands of the franchised citizens - The People.  He heard a caller on a radio talk show jokingly threaten to send her congressperson a set of balls and came up with the idea for this trip.  He hopes this personal challenge will encourage people to become active and contact their representatives and senators, thus, forcing Congress to act in the interests of their constituents. 

Another activity on the long ride will be collecting comments from people along the way and delivering them along with the “courage”.  Unsicker believes that the disapproval with the inaction of this Congress crosses all party lines.  As a pilot he has visited many red and blue states. He has talked to both conservatives and progressives who agree the government of this country has become unresponsive to individuals and that the Constitution has been thrown out the window through fear and greed.  He will take messages from all Americans, right and left, as an expression of the American People’s desire to become reengaged with their government. 

Any individual who wishes to support Unsicker in this trip can do so in many ways.  The first is to write your legislators and let them know what you want them to do.  Secondly, come to the County Building at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 15th, and wish him a good trip.  If you are a cyclist, ride a few miles along the way with him.  Finally, financial help for the trip would be appreciated.  All donations not used for food, campgrounds and budget lodging on the trip will be given to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. 


 Tom personally believes:

That Bush and Cheney should be impeached for High Crimes that they have already admitted -  Warrentless wiretapping and others

That the occcupation of Iraq should be ended and that the troops should be supported by being brought home.

That the Patriot Act and Military commissions act should be repealed and our right of Habeus Corpus be restored. 

That there should be no amnesty for companies who participated in FISA breaches.

That all signing statements should be negated and the rule of law, not royal fiat, be restored.