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How can they hear you if you say nothing?

I realized not too long ago that the voice I have been hearing needs to start a second line of discourse.  I have been asking questions of the people I meet, trying to expand the scope of their voice.

I am hearing, from both sides of the aisle, that we do not belong in Iraq.  People are saying that the troops need to come home

People are saying that the administration lied and that we are in Iraq under false pretenses.

People are asking how we are going to pay for this.  Where is the Money? 

It is time for us to speak up on all of the issues.  The Economy and Health Care are important.  The Constitution is under assault and we are engaged in an overseas occupation that is draining our coffers and credibility.  

The Voice of America needs to speak on all of these issues.

My next to the last question is always "Have you called your legislators?"  The answer is invariably "No."  To which I say, "How can the legislators listen if you don't speak?"  


Hey, American People -

 Do me a favor.

Spend 5 minutes a week calling your Legislators.

Their numbers are all in the front of your phone book! Let your legislators know that you want them to act. They keep a tally of calls and when they get enough they take action. They are our 'army' in this war and must plan their strategies to win.

Call them, write them, send them a set of balls. Inundate the Capitol with symbols of courage. Let them know that you want them to be brave. They must stand up and take the government back for the people who elected them.